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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Afrospear Super Tuesday Live Blogging Events

This Historic Super Tuesday has Black voters, young and old fired up.

There is plenty of coverage and Live Blogging from across the afrospear
and across America.

You can join African American Political Pundit

As he calls it the way he sees it!

AA Political Pundit
You can also call it the way you see it too!

Join his LIVE Blog discussion starting at 6:00 pm EST

One Night! Super Tuesday!
4 Live Blogging Events

Live Blogging starting at 6PM on Super Tuesday HERE!
(See Broadcast above)


Listen to African American Political Pundit on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (718) 508-9867


You can also Join
What About Our Daughters
2-hour Super Tuesday podcast beginning at 8:30CST.

Join outstanding journalist, AM McReynolds from the blog, Backyard Beacon as they keep you up to date on the returns as well as offer some unique stories from their prospective as African American women. Make sure you check out Ann's blog. She's a journalist, not a rabble rouser so we should make an interesting pairing.

WAOD Super Tuesday Podcast
Special Edition of the Black Women's Roundtable
8:30PM (CST)- 10:30PM
Chat, Email or Call: 646-478-4750

Listen to Black Women's Roundtable on internet talk radio


Dallas South Blog - Super Tuesday Live Blogging

DALLAS SOUTH header image 1

The live blogging on Dallas South blog will start at 8:00 p.m. CST on Super Tuesday.

Link to:
Dallas South Blog - Super Tuesday Live Blog 8:00 p.m. CST


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