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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Landslide! Obama beats Billary Clinton in Virgin Islands, Nebraska and Washington State

Barack Obama
Source: Politico

AAPP: Obama builds Momentum kicks Hillary's Butt

WaPo reports: Obama Sweeps Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington

Politico reports Sen. Barack Obama won caucuses in Nebraska and Washington Saturday and established a commanding lead in Louisiana as his too-close-to-call race with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York moved to three new battlegrounds.

Some 158 delegates were at stake - and Obama also won caucuses in the Virgin Islands that offered three more delegates.

Clinton began the day with a slender delegate lead, according to a tabulation by the Associated Press, which showed her with 1,055 delegates to 998 for Obama. A total of 2,025 is required to win the nomination.

Senator Barack Obama greets supporters during a campaign rally in Bangor, Maine. (Photo: Reuters)

Republican contests in Louisiana, Kansas, Washington and Guam provided Arizona Sen. John McCain of Arizona a chance to advance closer to the 1,191 delegates he needs to officially claim the Republican nomination. But Mike Huckabee put a damper on a week of sweet vindication for McCain by easily winning the Kansas caucuses with nearly 60% of the vote. And McCain was in close contests with Huckabee in Washington and Louisiana as well. More HERE

All of this while, Democrats focus on Superdelegates as the race has tightened, the courtships of superdelegates have intensified.

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This weeks debate: Superdelegates, are Democratic Party elites trying to steal the election from Barack Obama?

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