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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Election 08, Farrakhan, Color Arousal, Black Voters, Blacks, Hillary, McCain, Race Matters and Tim Russert

It's interesting how McCain surrogate and bigot, Cunningham can rant against Obama without Tim Russert or Hillary saying anything to Mccain to denounce him or reject him, while at the same time, Russert plays the 'Farrakhan Card" against Obama.

Oh no, Hillary did not jump in there, asking Barack to denounce and reject Farrakhan for things even Farrakhan has agreed looking backwards were wrong. Hillary should denounce her husband for his color aroused campaigning. She (Hillary) should also denounce and reject Andrew Young, Bob Johnson and other black and white bigots involved in her own campaign.

Why is it that blacks are always asked to distance themselves from other black folks? Do we asks whites to distance themselves from other whites? Would they even if we did ask? Can't we all just get along? I'm glad International Civil and Human Rights Blogger and Activist, Francis L. Holland has created a blog telling the "The Truth About John McCain!"

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