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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary Should Call It Quits, End Your Campaign Now Hillary. It's to make a graceful exit

With Time on Obama’s Side, I guess the New York Times headlines are right when they wrote, Struggling Clinton is throwing 'kitchen sink' at Obama.

Yet, even with her throwing the Kichen Sink at Obama, Hillary can't win. America has spoken. We do not want the Clinton's back in the white house. it is time for change, and it is time for Billary to make a graceful exit.

The NY Times notes, "After struggling for months to dent Sen. Barack Obama's candidacy, the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton is unleashing what one Clinton aide called a "kitchen sink" fusillade against Obama, pursuing five lines of attack since Saturday in hopes of stopping his political momentum.

The effort reflects not only Clinton's recognition that the next round of primaries - in Ohio and Texas on March 4 - are must-win contests for her. It also highlights her advisers' belief that they can persuade undecided voters to embrace her candidacy at the last minute by drawing sharply worded, attention-grabbing contrasts with Obama.

After denouncing Obama over the weekend for an anti-Clinton flier about the NAFTA trade treaty, and then portraying his message of hope Sunday as naive, Clinton delivered a blistering speech Monday that compared Obama's lack of foreign policy experience to that of the candidate George W. Bush.

"We've seen the tragic result of having a president who had neither the experience nor the wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security," Clinton said at George Washington University. "We can't let that happen again."

With a crucial debate in Cleveland tonight, both Clinton's advisers and independent political analysts said that, by going negative against Obama when polls in Texas and Ohio show a tightening race, Clinton risked alienating voters." More HERE

AAPP: there is now a chorus line of writers that are asking Hillary to stop campaigning. take for example Richard Cohen of the Washington Post who writes in his recent article, Hillary's Diminishing Returns.

"There is dissension in the Hillary Clinton camp. Top aides have been in arguments, shouting back and forth about differences in strategy. Should Clinton come on strong? Should she go negative? Should she be upbeat and positive? Here's my answer: Stop campaigning. The evidence is overwhelming that since Super Tuesday, the minute that Clinton steps foot in a state, her numbers start to plummet. Of course, Barack Obama has something to do with it. He's a phenomenon, a political version of Roy Hobbs, "The Natural" of Bernard Malamud's wonderful novel, whose physical repose is TV perfect and who will, when the time comes, provide a jarring visual contrast to the much older John McCain. Obama is nearly as good as he thinks he is. So it could be that Clinton would lose the Democratic nomination even if she were a gifted politician. But she has no such gift. Her smile is strained. She is contained. She seems unknowable, and there is that melancholy Billie Holiday air about her -- all those songs about a suffering woman. Most of us would prefer Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)," the upbeat theme of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign." More HERE

What do you think? Should she quit?

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