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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Election 08: Black Voters in Atlanta Holding John Lewis Accountable

AAPP: Even Civil Rights Icon's have to be held accountable.Eddie Griffin and others within the afrospear have been following John Lewis and other super delegate supporters of Hillary Clinton. Word on the street, "black folks are angry at black congressional leaders, and are ready to vote some of them out of office."

Eddie Griffin, Member BASG

As an example, many people in Atlanta have been watching John Lewis too. Jim Galloway, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that for the first time in nearly a decade, U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta will have opposition to his re-election to Congress. Markel Hutchins, an Atlanta minister who took up the cause of a 92-year-old woman killed in a botched police raid, announced this week that he will challenge the 11-term congressman and civil rights icon in the Democratic primary.

AAPP: It's about time black folks starting holding black elected officials accountable. Al Wynn - Congressional Black Caucus Member was held Accountable on Super Tuesday. Other Super Delegates were placed on notice: If your voting constituency in your district overwhelmingly voted for Barrack Obama, you owe it to your voting constituency to vote for Barack Obama at the National Convention. We know who you endorsed. Have no doubt we are watching you!

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