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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton, and Color Aroused Campaigning - Shameful Fear Mongering by the Team Clinton

More Color Aroused campaigning coming from the Clinton Campaign. this time as reported by The Washington Post, Barack Obama's campaign this morning sharply criticized Hillary Clinton's campaign for reportedly sending a picture to the Drudge Report of the Illinois senator that showed him in African dress, with Obama campaign manager David Plouffe accusing Clinton of engaging in "shameful, offensive fear-mongering."

The picture, taken of Obama while he was in Kenya in 2006 on a Senate trip to Africa, shows him in Somali garb, and Obama aides suggested the Clinton campaign circulated it to call attention to Obama's African ancestry and give credence to persistent and false allegations circulating online that he is a Muslim. Obama is a Christian who attends a United Church of Christ congregation in Chicago.

AAPP: Hillary or Billary as she is known is many quarters, is really getting ugly. Look what is going on with Billary Clinton now, after a generally civil conversation and debate with Obama last Thursday in Texas, saying she was honored to share the stage with Obama, now she has spent the whole weekend saying Obama delivers speeches filled with nothing but hope. Here is a bit of what Hillary said;

"I could just stand up here and say 'Let's just get everybody together, let's get unified.' The sky will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect."

AAPP: I Guess Hillary NAFTA Clinton, is not feeling the need for America to be hopeful? "She would rather have American's to be in a doom and gloom mood like her." Now she even says Barack is acting like Carl Rove?

Billary needs to win big in Ohio and Texas to salvage her campaign to be the Democratic nominee in the November. Billary should have known that she has no birth right to the presidency. Now like a bandit in the night, she is now using a new populist approach taken from John Edwards. (which by the way, did not work). She nor John Mccain deserve the Presidency of the united states. Hillary is no longer a viable candidate. End of story.

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