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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can this Man Jump start the NAACP?

Can New Leader Jump Start the NAACP? It was also the topic of discussion for NPR's Bloggers Round Table. Learn who this man is by Listening Now. [12 min 38 sec]


Check out News & Notes , May 19, 2008 · On the bloggers' Roundtable: The NAACP names its youngest president in the group's 99-year history; California repeals a ban on same-sex marriage; and a black father whose son was allegedly gunned down by an illegal immigrant gang member, calls for changes in the nation's immigration policy.

Farai Chideya talks with their panel of bloggers to see how those stories are reverberating online and in communities across America.

Joining in the conversation were Afrospear bloggers Amani Channel of My Urban Report; Shawn Williams of Dallas South; and Shaun King, who blogs at Shaun in the City.

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