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Friday, May 23, 2008

DNC and Black Bloggers Need A Reasonable Resolution

Fellow blogger, Villager is following and reporting on how the Lack of Diversity in DemConvention State Blogger Corps Angers Afrosphere

He writes, "The Democratic Party has a unique opportunity in November to reclaim the White House as well as working majorities in both the US Senate and House of Representatives in the 2008 election cycle." Every imaginable wind is blowing in their direction --> economy, Iraq war, unemployment rate, John Hagee, gas prices, food prices, George W. Bush and so on.

However, instead of rising proudly and confidently towards this new political nirvana ... we see the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot. Displaying a remarkable sense of insensitivity and arrogance, the Democratic Party recently announced state blog credentials to cover the national convention in Denver will be given to 55 white-only state blogs.

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