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Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Is Hillary Saying? Barack Obama Don't Know how To Talk To White People?

UPDATED: What Is Hillary willing to say about Barack Obama in order to get elected? Soon she will be saying, he don't Know how To Talk To White People?

Political Satire

File this Under: Smile "N Word" Smile

OK folks, this is what Hillary Clinton would like to say about Barack Obama.


Warning: It's Political Satire Folks

Clinton Question's Obama's Ability to Greet World Leaders

CHARLESTON, WV—Hillary Clinton once again attacked Barack Obama on the issue of experience Tuesday, this time questioning the Illinois senator's ability to effectively smile, make appropriate eye contact, and offer sufficiently delicious finger foods when welcoming visiting world leaders. "My opponent has never greeted foreign dignitaries such as the Japanese Minister of Forestry and Fisheries, as I had the opportunity to do when I was first lady," Clinton said, adding that she has an extensive background in both double-clasped hand shakes and idle small talk with political luminaries from several nations. "Do the American people really want a president who doesn't know when it's appropriate to gesture toward a chair, indicating where a head of state should be seated?" More HERE

AAPP: More Political Satire: I would not be surprise that Hillary will say this and he does not eat enough watermelon.

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