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Friday, March 13, 2009

73-year-old black man shot by police in Homer, La.

"If I see three or four young black men walking down the street, I have to stop them and check their names," said Mills, who is white. "I want them to be afraid every time they see the police that they might get arrested."

Source: Russell Mills, Police Chief, Homer, LA.


AAPP says: There is something going on in this country that every American should be concerned about. Hate crimes by police against black people are rising across America and it seems like no one is watching. Well, at least a few media outlets are reporting about the HATE that is rising. One of those journalist have been watching it closely -
Howard Witt at the Chicago Tribune.

Howard Witt at the Chicago Tribune has been following the HATE crime in Homer, La.— He reports about how on the last afternoon of his life, Bernard Monroe was hosting a cookout for family and friends in front of his dilapidated home on Adams Street in this small northern Louisiana town.

Throat cancer had robbed the 73-year-old retired electric utility worker of his voice years ago, but family members said Monroe was clearly e
njoying the commotion of a dozen of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren cavorting around him in the dusty, grassless yard.Then the Homer police showed up, two white officers whose arrival caused the participants at the black family gathering to quickly fall silent. Within moments, Monroe lay dead, shot by one of the officers as his family looked on. More HERE

AAPP: It's time for Federal agencies to investigate, prosecute and lock some bad cops up in Federal prison.

How much can black men in America take? We have been taking this mess for too long.

This issue has also been posted by The Chicago Sun Times

Listen to my exclusive interview and discussion with highly respected journalist Howard Witt, South West Bureau Chief of the Chicago Tribune on African American Political Pundit's - Political Slugfest on Blog Talk Radio.com

You can also check out other thoughts, comments, at Sister Pam, at Pam's House Blend and brother field negro.

Blogger, Prometheus 6 like so many black and progressive bloggers have been watching all the color aroused events, and he says, I'm glad someone else noticed all of what is going on in America.

Candidly, Chicago Tribune’s Howard Witt deserves more awards for his work. Now other major news outlets are covering the stories that Howard Witt has been covering all along.

RIP - Bernard Monroe

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