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Friday, March 13, 2009

Why are Economist Hating on Obama and Timothy Geithner?

I think I know why. Because U.S. household wealth has fallen $11.2 trillion in 2008, while the current stimulus plan might not create the real jobs intended.

Then get this, here the Crooks and Liars come,with a
second stimulus package. Even as President Obama, and his buddy Timothy Geithner get low grades from economists. You see Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner have already received failing grades for their efforts to revive the economy from participants in the latest Wall Street Journal forecasting survey.

The economists' assessment stands in stark contrast with Mr. Obama's popularity with the public, with a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll giving him a 60% approval rating. A majority of the 49 economists polled said they were dissatisfied with the administration's economic policies. On average, they gave the president a grade of 59 out of 100, and although there was a broad range of marks, 42% of respondents rated Mr. Obama below 60. Mr. Geithner received an average grade of 51. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke scored better, with an average 71.

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AAPP: I guess another way of looking at it is 58%-59% of Economists Approve of Obama's Plan. Unfortunately news like the US Household net worth had a record decline in fourth quarter is not helping the Obama administration. Yet, we must all remember this is the garbage Republicans placed on our door step. I guess it's all an economic blame game.

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