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Monday, March 9, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and black Americans

More on The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and black folk.

AAPP says: Black folks need to know what is going on with our government regarding out tax dollars. With almost two of every three black Southerners worried they could lose their jobs this year in what they see as a deteriorating economy, according to a Winthrop University/ETV poll. We should also be concerned about the ARRA, and engage our governors to make sure we are not ignored.

It is said that the ARRA is designed to create jobs, encourage private investment and speed recovery. Let's hope it is also designed to create jobs, encourage private investment and speed recovery with the African American community, and not just the gentrified urban communities. But I guess that will be up to us in every community across America.

The ARRA requires unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency for all levels of government. We should hold every government enitity accountable. ARRA will affect many state formula and discretionary grants, as well as various entitlements and anti-cyclical programs. Through state programs, states or individuals could receive more than $250 billion from the package. Many of these programs will require legislative, business and management information system changes.

State governments are facing unprecedented challenges, including falling revenues and an increased demand for state services. The National Governor's Association has developed a Resource Center designed to provide information and innovative ideas as states begin to implement ARRA. Here you will find an analysis of the ARRA, a report on state implementation and several NGA Center for Best Practices reports that analyze specific components of ARRA. Check out the Center HERE

It's time for us to get involved locally, and nationally regarding the ARRA. Groups like the afrospear, NAACP, Urban League, and others will need to step up their game and take some hints from the Color of Change and The Poor People's Campaign, Inc.

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