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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Asia McGowen, Killed by black male Internet Stalker

Warning Black woman in the U.S. and around the world have to be extremely cautious on how they use Face Book, My Space, YouTube and other social networks!

H/T to African American female bloggers From My Brown Eyed View, Whose Shoes Are These Anyway, and What About Our Daughters for following the horrific events concerning the death of Asia McGowen, a young black woman in Detroit murdered by a YouTube and Facebook stalker. The blog What About Our Daughters and Whose Shoes Are These Anyway have links to the You Tube Videos. More HERE

Get this, as reported by the Examiner.com, Video’s from the shooter were posted to the social web-site YouTube with the disturbing messages against woman, religion and also his intention of committing suicide, but Powell admitted to being scared to kill himself.

AAPP: As afrospear member and blogger RiPPa noted, " it's the intersection of maddness and reality."

The shooter was apparently linked to a on-line group called “ BMV.”

BMV~ BlackMenVent is well known on different social web-sites and represent men against women.

The group has a radio station and web-site and often promote video’s that show negative behavior of men against women.

The shooter from the recent apparent murder, suicide that took place at the Henry Ford College-Dearborn campus was a supporter of BMV. The college is located on the southwest border of Detroit. Officials from the Dearborn Police Department and Henry Ford Community College have held a news conference to detail what is known about Friday’s shooting.

Brighton says the original 911 call came in as some kind of an assault. He says that a second call came in as officers were responding to reports that shots had been fired in the Fine Arts Building. An entry team entered the south hallway, as they entered they heard another gunshot. Officers were able to enter one of the rooms, and discovered two deceased parties. The officer’s cleared the building.

Witnesses said that a man, known now as Anthony Powell shot and killed a female, Asia McGowan before taking his own life on the campus. The campus was locked down around 12:40 Friday afternoon when shots were heard. Police say that Powell used a shotgun in the shooting. School officials sent out an emergency notification to students and faculty soon after the first reports came in. It was received by text message, phone, and e-mail.

The Grant MacKenzie Fine Arts Building, with the exception of art studios, will be closed for the remainder of the semester. Classes regularly held in the building will be relocated to other classrooms on campus. Information concerning the new locations will be made available on the HFCC website and posted throughout campus beginning Monday. Classes currently scheduled in the art studios will remain in their current locations. Entrance to the art studios will be limited to the west entrance of the building. More HERE

AAPP: Black woman have to be extremely cautious on how they use Face Book, My Space, YouTube and other social networks. I wonder when organizations within the black community will address the every expanding abuse of black women within our own community?

The Huffington Post and BET are covering the loss of Asia McGowan

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