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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reverse Discrimination in Dallas Police Department?

Let's call this another Post Racial Moment in America. Now that the Supreme Court is considering whether reverse discrimination is valid, many whites are ready to cry the new, "White Reverse Discrimination Card."

Take for example the new case reported by Tanaya Eiserer at The Dallas Morning News,
and her report on the president of the Dallas Black Police Association who has been named in a federal racial discrimination complaint filed by a detective who alleges that he wasn't chosen for a spot on a narcotics squad because he is white. The complaint was filed by narcotics Detective Tony Castleberg after he was passed over for a position on the squad of Sgt. Gerry Westry, the association's president. In an interview, Westry said he had no problem choosing whites but Castleberg wasn't picked by a diverse three-sergeant panel because "he was not the most qualified for the job." He also said Castleberg has been turned down for positions on squads headed by white sergeants. Phil Burleson Jr., Castleberg's attorney, said Castleberg was rated as "exceeds" in his three most recent evaluations, including one by Westry.

"It seems clear based on his evaluations, work and experience that he was much more qualified than the individuals taken," Burleson said. In September, Castleberg filed an unsuccessful grievance with the department after he was not selected for Westry's squad.

He later filed the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
"Sgt. Westry has never, in his history as a narcotics unit supervisor, since 2005, chosen a Caucasian officer for his squad," Castleberg wrote in a letter to the department.

"Sgt. Westry's current squad, including the detectives chosen for this position, consists only of minority detectives."
Castleberg, who has been a narcotics detective for more than four years, wrote that the two minority detectives chosen for Westry's squad both had less experience than he did. He also has a clean disciplinary history. Department records show the racial breakdown of the detectives chosen for Westry's squads is four blacks, four Hispanics and one American Indian. One of the black detectives was chosen twice. No whites have been chosen for his squad, the records show. More HERE

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