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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Belt Buckle Gun Can Get You Killed!

   Police almost shot William Morales, who was wearing this gun-shaped buckle.

Yes, The Belt Buckle Gun can get you killed. It almost got one teenager shot. According to the Miami Herald and Monroe County Police, a 17-year-old learned the hard way that a belt with a gun-shaped buckle isn't the best accessory to wear when deputies are responding to a call.

Get this, according to Miami Hearld reporter Cammy Clark, a gun-shaped belt buckle that looked a little too much like the real thing nearly resulted in the shooting of a teenager when Monroe County Sheriff's deputies responded to a call about a possible kidnapping near Key West.

Three officers with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office answered the call and confronted student William Morales, 17, in a parking lot Tuesday on Stock Island.

Morales -- wearing a ''gangster-style'' white tank top and baggy pants, according to the Sheriff's Office -- initially put his hands up, then lowered them to put down his cellphone and keys.

He reached toward his waistband toward an object that looked like a shiny, black .25-caliber Beretta semi-automatic handgun.

''The hair stood up on my neck and I was squeezing the trigger when he went for the 'gun,' '' Detective Donnie Catala said Wednesday. ''I ordered him to put his hands up -- with a few cuss words -- or I would shoot. His hand was about six inches from the `gun' and I was within milliseconds of shooting.''

Morales told officers it was a belt buckle -- but then raised his hands again.

The officers tackled and handcuffed him. No shots were fired.

''We didn't know it wasn't a gun until we actually took the belt off,'' Catala said. More HERE

AAPP: The makers of these belt should be sued, and the people that wear the belts should be charged with stupidity.

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