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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Black Bloggers Hit Micheal Steele Hard!

It appears that former Maryland Lt. Gov. Micheal, (I'm done reaching out to Obama) Steele is not getting much love from black bloggers or the Chicago ‘Tea Party’ for that matter. Although the conservative black woman has a few good words for Micheal Steele, and he claims he wants more delegates 'of color' a majority of black bloggers and some main stream jouranlist have other thoughts about Steele.

As an example, DJ Black Adam's Blog says: Rush Limbaugh punked out Michael Steele, while blogger Skeptical Brotha, has an image on his blog saying Michael Steele a Fugitive Slave all of this, as blogger Yobachi, at Black Perspective. net says, Michael Steele Is Rush Limbaugh’s Bitch Ouch!

There is more folks.
Blogger, Native Son asks Michael Steele to "Man up please."
While this African American Political Pundit wonders if Micheal Steele has the balls or capacity to challenge the group he now represents.

The blogs
Over Analyze It, From My Brown Eyed View, Prometheus 6 and Mrs Grapevine are following this issue as well. Mrs. Grapevine, openly wonders, is it too soon to call Michael Steele an "Uncle Tom.

Pam's House Blend , Black Agenda Report, and African American Opinion - Social and Political Networking blog are also commenting on stupid things Micheal Steele has been saying, including his most recent recession thoughts.

AverageBro and the folks at Jack and Jill Politics are tracking all the antics.


Image from blogger Skeptical Brotha, who calls Michael Steele a Fugitive Slave

Blogger, Carmen D at All About Race says, Dr. King, I miss you, while Villager at Electronic Village continues to track the blunders of Michael Steele.

Blogger Faye Anderson over at Anderson@Large keeps a close eye on Michael Steele, as does the blog Homeland Colors.

Good Job Afrospear! Thank you for keeping it real.

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