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Monday, April 6, 2009

Barack Obama Bows, So Didn't George W. Bush

Barack Obama Bows, So Didn't George W. Bush - Well Maybe.

With bowed head and bended knee?
Was Barack Obama bowing to a King? Should he? Some right wing, left and moderate bloggers are covering this story. Some bloggers are asking would Abe Lincoln bow down to a slave-keeping Arab king? While others say there is an MSM coverup of the Presidential bow before the financier of radical Islam -- Read more HERE

bowing down to Islamist monarch

See the video below:

But guess what, Bush Bowed Too!
UPDATE: No it appears that he was getting and award. Or was he?

Bloggers such as The Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin and Dakota Voice need to be more outraged at Bush and how he screwed the country Vs. President Barack Obama bowing at this point. But that is not their MO.

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