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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jasmina Anema , Jasmine , and Bone Marrow Transpants

As reported by Access Hollywood, Kelly Rowland made it a very special birthday for Jasmina Anema, a Leukemia patient. The former Destiny’s Child singer joined Jasmina and her best friend, Isabelle, at NYU Medical Center today to help her young fan celebrate.

Jasmina is currently battling Leukemia and is in search of a bone marrow transplant. More HERE

AAPP: It's time for black folks to be more proactive regarding this critical health issue. Prospective donors can learn how to help by visiting DKMSAmericas.org or OneForJasmina.com. With your help, Jasmina Anema, a Leukemia patient can see positive changes and outcomes in her life, like Jasmine (below).

Jasmine (bleow) is a sweet teenage girl who is currently in high school. She and her family live in Mashpee, Massachusetts.

Like most teenagers, Jasmine is very busy. “She is into acting, plays and chorus,” explained her mother, Kim James. Furthermore, Jasmine is a member of The National Honor Society and a member of Falcon Flavor, an R & B dance group. Jasmine is not only involved in many activities, she also maintains excellent grades.

Although Jasmine is doing well in her life right now, she also has been through quite a lot. When Jasmine was eleven years old, she was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). Kim explained that Jasmine was complaining of pain in her throat and had swollen glands. Initially, her doctor treated her for strep throat. However, one week passed by, and she still had pain. Her doctor then thought it might be a case of mononucleosis. Blood work was taken and the results came back showing leukemia. Kim remembers taking her children to the dentist that day. On the way there, she got a call from the doctor demanding that she see him right away. Upon hearing the diagnosis, Jasmine and her family were devastated. “What do you mean leukemia?” said Kim. “It was difficult to accept since Jasmine was always the healthiest kid and never got sick,” explained her mother.

Jasmine began chemotherapy. “She was very sick after chemo” stated Kim. “It took one month before the doctors figured out Jasmine had a secondary cancer, Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). They had to stop treating her for leukemia and treat her for HLH.” Once Jasmine was treated for her secondary cancer, they had to wait for her to go into remission. Without remission, they could not go forward with the transplant.” More HERE

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