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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Atrocities at Home - Funeral Homes, Funeral Services and Abuse of The Dead

This is some sick stuff. Check out how a local subsidiary of world's largest funeral services conglomerate mishandled bodies, employees say. Check out this video about the black man Steven Napper, embalmer-turned-whistleblower did the right thing and exposed the atrocities of the funeral services business for what it is.

As reported by Josh White at 'The Washington Post', Napper documented the atrocities he saw in notes and photographs and turned them over to authorities.

Napper, a retired Maryland state trooper, had been hired in May by National Funeral Home, which also acts as a regional clearinghouse that embalms and stores bodies for four other Washington area funeral homes -- Arlington Funeral Home, Danzansky-Goldberg Memorial Chapel in Rockville, and Demaine Funeral Home in Alexandria and Springfield. From May to February, when he quit, Napper said that the walk-in coolers could not hold all the bodies and that a manager told employees to store them in unrefrigerated areas. Read More HERE

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