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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adulation for Obama In Europe... Now What?

NATO Allies have refused to send combat troops to Afghanistan, yet President Barack Obama hailed "strong and unanimous support" from NATO allies on Saturday for his stepped-up anti-terror strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan and welcomed their "down payment" promises of 5,000 fresh forces. The allies rebuffed U.S. appeals for more combat forces to join the war, but the backing Obama did gain at a European summit allowed him to claim an early victory on the world's foreign policy stage.

AAPP: Right! The fact of the matter is it was all adulation, but little help, for Barack Obama who got little of nothing from NATO. The fact of the matter is, as the Huffington Post noted, Obama waved off questions on whether the size and makeup of the commitments were disappointing in light of an anti-terrorism struggle he himself portrayed as daunting. This as Anti-NATO demonstrators set fire to hotel in Strasbourg and clashes mared the Nato allies' summit.

"Popular president, making great speeches, rebuilding relationships but not getting anything in return - for now. "


The Huffington Post reports since becoming president, Obama has begun switching America's anti-terror emphasis to fighting al-Qaida in the Afghanistan-Pakistan area. More HERE

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