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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Bloggers Roundup" established by Shawn Williams

It's been a few weeks since NPR’s News and Notes, and it's segment called Bloggers Roundtable with Farai Chideya went off the air. We all miss the News and Notes family.

Well there is good news folks, brother Shawn Williams, publisher of The Dallas South Blog, and producer of The Shawn P. Williams Show, and his co-host Kristin, are planning a new bloggers talk show on blogtalkradio called, "Bloggers RoundUp."

Starting this week on The Shawn P. Williams Show, Kristin and Shawn will host their first Bloggers Roundup on Thursday April 2nd.

Carmen D. from the blog All About Race and this African American Political Pundit will be the first guest of the program. Shawn has contacted a representative at NPR and Farai to let them know he plans to “take care” of the concept until they bring it back. More HERE

Spread the word check out The Shawn P. Williams Show,Thursday April 2nd at 10:00 PM E.S.T.

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