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Thursday, April 2, 2009

G20, World Angry with the United States

The world is watching, Barack Obama, and it looks like it's 'Celebrity' No More for President Barack Obama. Well, at least in Europe. Black folks on the other hand are still happy with a black face in the White House. Rather than taking a look at what he is or is not doing for black America. Candidly, we should be asking of the trillions of tax payers dollars being spent, what are HBCU's getting, how many community health centers are being built in our community, how many community schools are being build, and how many low-income housing units are being built. Ok, I digress....Back to a world angry with the United States:

President Obama arrived in London to take part in the G-20 summit, the largest gathering of world leaders coping with an economic crisis since the Great Depression. Foreign leaders like Germany and other European countries are leading the pushback against the Obama administration's economic policies. Many foreign countries blame unscrupulous American capitalism for having sparked the recession in the first place. Russian and Chinese leaders have proposed a new international currency to replace the once-almighty U.S. dollar as the world standard. Speaking at St. Paul's Cathedral, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said bankers have ignored basic morals that parents teach children. More HERE

It seems that the world is pissed off with george W. Bush, and the republicans, and are channeling their collective anger at President Barack Obama.

After the dust clears it will be interesting to see if our policies change here in America.

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