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Saturday, April 4, 2009

J. "Spicy" Lynch She Warms My Heart ....

One of my favorite new internet friends and frequent participant on my Blog Talk Radio Show recently shared her writings with me. I want to share them with the world. If you get to know this powerful black woman and disabilities activist, you would know much better, how powerful these words are.

J. "Spicy" Lynch is a black woman with what some people call "disabilities", she considers her disabilities, "just mere challenges, and opportunities." - I do as well.

Spicy as she likes to be called, is frequent contributor to my Blog Talk Radio program. Unlike many people in the black community who hold on to feelings of insensitivity and prejudice towards people with challenges, my Blog Talk Radio program engages all people in political and social conversation. Today it is my honor to share her writing on this blog. You Go Spicy!


J. "Spicy" Lynch talks about

Heartfelt DREAMS

How many hearts have felt and held their dream that they could say was it was

The feeling of wholeness to complete this outcome that has NOT come to pass yet.

Many hearts have felt their dreams.
As they wish it could jump out their chest.
speaking that focal outlook for this


It became more than my castle in Spain,

Or the one in the Sky.
That has put me on a trail of crumbs as I picked them up;
But I also set my own trail as I passed down my words of encouragement.
The words that I spoke I find to be truth passed down from my Father,
and the many generations before.
How it was said by a spirit that I was conquering a hard task.
It was the challenge that I encompassed.
Thrill of more to be believable.

Pass me my SHEPARDS HOOK as I go in for the long haul.

As you pass this ENTHRALLING EPIC must start,
And still continues … …
The continuing as I pass my torch to you who follow

The REVOLUTION that must continue to seek improvements


“Sun of Man, Max Parthas, & Bomani”

Here I trail my beloved of Jehovah, Jesus, Kunta Kente`, Booker T. Washington’s; and the names go on.

Shirley Chisholm,
A. Philip Randolph, Fannie Lou Hamer, Dorothy Scott, and I—chose to abruptly, and publicly, take shots at a man with an impeccable history of fighting on behalf of the less-fortunate and oppressed.

As I take it back to the many names that you might know:

Crispus Attucks. W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, The Buffalo Soldiers. & The Tuskegee Air Men.

In my lifetime I have come across many captured spirits.

Buffalo soldier headline Rasta born into amerykaa.
Coming with voice conviction I hear My brother konscious vibrations as I hear that strong

We began to float on wings of an eagle in speaking
Those pieces that simply uplift our ambiance
For a higher good..

As the many obstacles get in the way of my growth . . .
Flow from my embodiment to bring forth that change of me and my family . . .
I mostly thank -you for my TANTRA-ZAWADI in becoming me.


J. Lynch

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