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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Police and Feds Target HBCU's, New Black Panthers, Muslim Brotherhood, Others.

Even as the Department of Defense (DoD) Grants $17.4 Million To Minority Academic Institutions it may be spying on black campus groups who as one terrorism assessment finds radical nodes on HBCU campuses.

AAPP says: Here the government goes again folks. Targeting black folks, and black organizations as they have in the past. This reminds me of COINTELPRO (1967-1971). I guess this is COINTELPRO 2009. No wonder the United States Government seems to be involved with plans to place Federal troops to quell urban violence, but to protect who? The government should really be watching those white terrorist groups and not black folks.

You have to read more about this:

Hat tip to Raw Story, and also a Hat Tip and Shout Out to "Dale D" at Blog Talk Radio for the link to this Raw Story post about a newly leaked terrorism assessment from a law enforcement fusion center in Virginia. The Assessment shows that police and feds are targeting "historically black colleges" as "radicalization nodes" for terrorists. RAW STORY has published the entirety of the 215 page report, available here in PDF format. From page 17:

A wide variety of terror or extremist groups have links to [a highlighted area of Virginia]. This area not only has a diverse population due to the strong military presence, but it is also the site of several universities.While most of these universities are considered urban, two are designated as a Historically Black Colleges and Universities, while Regent University is a private, evangelical Christian institution. While the majority of individuals associated with educational institutions do not engage in activities of interest to the VFC, it is important to note that University-based students groups are recognized as a radicalization node for almost every type of extremist group.Though the report singles out "historically black colleges" early on, it also contains an extensive list of peaceful American and International activist groups from nearly all cross-sections of political engagement, placing them side-by-side with groups that have long been known for resorting to violence. The list of groups the fusion center considers potential terrorist threats is as follows:

Jama’at al-Tabligh
Jama’at ul
FuqraLashkar-e Tayyiba
Muslim Brotherhood
Anarchist Extremists
Green Anarchism Movement
Anonymous Black Separatist
ExtremistsFive PercentNation
Nation of Islam
New Black Panther Party
New African Black Panther Party
Homegrown Islamic Extremism
Iqaamatiddeen Movement
Lone Wolf Extremists
Militia Extremists
Anti-Abortion Extremists
Army of God
Animal Defense League
Animal Liberation
Huntington Animal Cruelty
Earth First!
Katuah Earth First
Blue Ridge Earth First
Earth Liberation Front
Sovereign Citizen Extremists
Moorish Science Temple of America
Skinhead Movement
White Supremacists

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