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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bigot Bill O'Reilly Likens Michael Jackson to O.J. Simpson

  • Jackson’s "incredible selfishness, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on himself while singing ‘We Are The World’" should make anyone nauseous.
  • Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other African-Americans are shamelessly “playing the race card” by claiming Jackson as one of their own in death.
  • “If (Jackson) were a white guy,” his behavior would never be tolerated.
  • “You don’t become an African-American icon” if you bleach your skin.
There is more this Bill O'Reilly bigot had to say:

It appears to me that color aroused bigotry and ignorance is reaching critical mass in America. From Black kids getting kicked out of Philadelphia pool because of their color to the ignorance involving former Marion Barry the news involving blacks is getting more bizzare.

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