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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Attorney's Rip Off The Jackson Family - Get Control of Michael Jackson Assets

As reported by CNN, Executors of Jackson's will get control of his assets. Get this, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted control of Jackson's assets to the executors of his will. The executors -- John Branca, Jackson's longtime personal attorney, and John McClain, a music industry executive and longtime friend -- had sought immediate control of the entertainer's assets at a hearing before Judge Mitchell Beckloff. The men said control of the assets would allow them to tend to Jackson's numerous outstanding debts, legal cases and business obligations.
The judge appointed the men special administrators until another hearing on August 3.

He said they will be responsible for protecting the estate from immediate losses.

AAPP: My thought is this. These two attorney's may have conspired with the doctor to kill Michael so that they could take control Michael Jackson assets. Another effort to steal black wealth.

Attorneys for Michael Jackson's mother repeatedly objected to their appointment at Monday's court hearing. Get this, these two con men said, "It's our desire to do everything we can to carry out Michael Jackson's wishes and to maximize the estate," said Howard Weitzman, who spoke after the hearing on behalf of Branca. Weitzman issued a statement later calling the judge's ruling "the correct decision."

The fact of the matter is MJ's mother, Katherine Jackson, had applied to oversee her son's estate, but that was before the 2002 will all of a sudden surfaced. Her attorney, Burt Levitch, expressed concerns about McClain and Branca's financial leadership. oops... there goes more black wealth out of the hands of a black family. Well, lets hope the Jackson's don't allow this to happen.

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