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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marion Barry, Ignorance, The City Paper and Bigotry

Now that the Stalking charges against Marion Barry have been dropped a Washington Newspaper, The Washington - City Paper is still degrading former Washington, DC Mayor Marion Barry. But then again, is he degrading himself? Check out the front page of the Washington City Paper.


And they consider themselves a newspaper? Now everyone on the internet, including, the Huffington Post are reporting how Marion Barry threw his girlfriend out of a hotel room for refusing oral sex.

Get this, The Washington City Papers' Web Servers has been under strain after the Marion Sex Barry Tapes emerged.

Local media outlets like WUSA9.com and the Washington Post.com are covering the story. The Salon.com is also reporting on how Marion Barry can't keep his nose clean.

The blog, Wonkette says, Marion Barry's Life Continues To Be Gross Public Joke.

The Washington, DC City Paper is attacking former Washington, DC Mayor Marion Barry once again. This time they are acting like a porno newsletter, rather than a real newspaper, with its ugly cover. Yes the City Paper is reporting on former Mayor and current Washington, DC Marion BarryDemocratic National Convention. The Washington newspaper reports that a black woman, Ms. Watts-Brighthaupt was working on Barry’s ultimately successful re-election campaign and traveled to the Barack Obama-crowning affair. For reasons that remain murky, she ended up assigned to the councilmember’s hotel room in the Crowne Plaza hotel. Once behind closed doors, Barry allegedly asked Watts-Brighthaupt to perform oral sex on him. Read More HERE Ward 8 Council member regarding an incident that is alleged to have occurred 10 months ago at the DNC Convention.

There is more... Prosecutors won't pursue charges against Marion Barry, while many residents in Washington, DC are questioning the City Paper's Lewd Cover.

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