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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Federal Ban on Needle Exchange and Barack Obama

According to Amerblog the Obama/White House Web site pledge to support repeal of the federal ban on needle exchange? It appears to be gone.

That is why:
A group of 26 AIDS activists chained themselves to each other in the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday morning, startling visitors, shutting down the landmark area and prompting their arrest by Capitol Police.

The group, which was protesting President Barack Obama’s failure to get rid of a ban on funding needle exchange programs, arrived at the Rotunda around 10 a.m.
Candidate Obama said he would help overturn the ban on needle exchange. President Obama reversed himself and banned federal funding for needle exchanges in his budget this year. Get this, 1. Obama promised to lift the ban. 2. The White House Web site reaffirmed the president's commitment to lifting the ban. 3. The White House Web site no longer reaffirms his commitment to lifting the ban. 4. The president now refuses to lift the ban. 5. The president actually affirmatively makes things worse by administratively supporting defending the ban. 6. The spokesman reiterates the president's support for lifting the ban, some day, once Congress gets around to it. More HERE

What do you think about the ban on needle exchange? is is something President Barack Obama needs to be addressing at this time?

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