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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another reason why I'm for the death penalty... in some cases

Here is just another reason why I'm for the death penalty. This is a picture of pure evil.

Anthony Sowell
Anthony Sowell

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Women claiming to have been attacked by Ohio convicted sex offender Anthony Sowell,are coming forward to share their horrifying experiences, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Cleveland police search the porch at the home of Anthony Sowell, where bodies have been discovered  Friday, Oct. 30, 2009.

Two women told Fox 8 Cleveland that they believe Sowell, 50, would have killed them and said they feel lucky to be alive.

"He was gonna kill me," one alleged victim said.

"I have scars on my neck and nerve damage. I couldn't leave the house for months. I was afraid to go to the store. I could not sleep."

The alleged victim told local reporters that when she turned down an offer from Sowell to drink beer with him, he "punched her in the face and dragged her to his house," according to Fox 8 Cleveland. Also read Ohio Cops Find Multiple Bodies At Rapist's Home

She managed to escape from his house and flag down police, Fox 8 Cleveland reported. Sowell was arrested for rape, kidnapping and robbery — but the case never made it to court.

Other women weren't as lucky as these alleged victims. Police found six decomposing bodies at Anthony Sowell's Ohio home last week, four years after he was released from a U.S. prison after serving 15 years for a rape conviction.

Two dead bodies were identified by county Coroner Frank Miller as black females and one death was ruled a homicide. No race or gender was determined for the others. Autopsies were performed on all six bodies.

On Saturday, the coroner's office confirmed that all six bodies were female, and most of them appeared to have been killed by strangulation, according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

Police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho said Sowell was arrested as he walked down the street on the east side of Cleveland. Sowell initially denied he was the man authorities were looking for but admitted his identity as officers began fingerprinting him, Stacho said.

Police established a command post in the neighborhood to take missing-person reports and additional information on outstanding missing persons in the neighborhood.

Teresa Hicks, 48, was among the neighbors who said they were relieved about the arrest but left with a heightened fear of crime. She said she has known Sowell since high school.

"He was crazy," she said from her porch. Read More HERE

AAPP: OK, after reading about what happened in this case, are you for the death penalty... in this case? Or should we let the prisoners deal with him?

Either way he is a dead man walking.

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