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Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthers and The Republican Party of HATE

Why are Americans allowing extremist like the birthers wrestle the GOP voices into more HATE? 

Have you had the opportunity to read and see some of the extremist images from the blog post by the Center for American Progress.Thank you Matthew Yglesias for the link.


Hat Tip Huffington Post slide show:


"OBAMA - Gov't TAKE OVER ... JUST LIKE NAZI GERMANY!" From the Huffington Post slide show:

Pelosi: "UnAmerican McCarthyite." From MSNBC.com:


"Maoism is not reform." From the Huffington Post slide show:


"Obama Listens to Mao, I listen to Fox News." From the Huffington Post slide show:




Check out the November 5 post on the rally, the MSNBC.com blog

AAPP says: Now we learn that Obama's own Homeland Security Department which was suppose to target right wing Tea Party Extremists, has let these extremist, along with ex-GOP Leader Dick Armey and other right wing  congressional wing nuts, Hot AIR types, along with lobbyist, come join together to fight with HATRRED ladden images, against our government. 

Some are asking the question, is the Tea Party Gang turning GOP Into a Party of Hate? My response: "The Republican Party has been the party of hate for some time. Now they have a black guy as the head following in the birthers down KKK lane."

Do you agree? Here are some of the more jaw-dropping signs seen at the rally:
  • "Get the Red Out of the White House."
  • "Waterboard Congress"
  • "Traitor to the U.S. Constitution" (Picture of Obama on sign)
  • "I'm the King of the World: Remember the Titanic?" (Drawing of Obama in the mold of the 'Jovial Sambo' from the Jim Crow era doing the Leo Titanic pose." 

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