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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GOP the "Taliban Ticket" Wins in Virgina

A reported in the Washington Post, U.S. Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) also likened the Republican ticket in Virginia this year to Afghanistan's radical Taliban movement in comments broadcast Sunday by WAMU radio.

At a get-out-the-vote rally in Fairfax County, Moran said: "I mean, if the Republicans were running in Afghanistan, they'd be running on the Taliban ticket as far as I can see."

So... Don't hate me, I'm just agreeing with  U.S. Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.).

Yes, I'm talking about Republicans Robert F. McDonnell who is now Governor Elect, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and state Sen. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, who is now Attorney General, Elect. As the washington post noted, "by some accounts, the three represent the most conservative Republican ticket to run in Virginia in many years."
Look out blacks, Gays and Lesbians. We may be going back in time with these three stooges. 


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