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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Illegal immigration issue and AG Ken Cuccinelli

The Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a real piece of work. He and his right wing friends always want to talk about some darkside of immigration rather than helping to shape a rational conversation on immigration.

Get this, the AG has jumped into the whole illegal immigration issue by issuing a legal opinion on the issue. Cuccinelli said Virginia law enforcement officers are authorized to ask about the immigration status of any one in the state who is stopped for another reason – provided it does not significantly add to the overall time of the stop.

Yes, the opinion is not quite the same as the Arizona law which is stalled in Federal courts. It does not require officers to check on immigration status, only authorizes officers to be able to ask the questions. 

The Washington Post reports Cuccinelli issued the opinion in response to a request from a Virginia state delegate. This appears to be a set up up on the part of Cuccinelli. He probably had one of his right wing  Virginia state delegates request the opinion. According to the Washington Post, Cuccinelli said:
"We issued an opinion at the request of one of our legislators, addressing the ability of law enforcement officials in Virginia to make arrests for violations of federal immigration law," Cuccinelli said in an interview with Fox News. "And the distinction we drew was they clearly have arrest authority when there's a criminal violation of the federal immigration laws, but that it is not clear that they have arrest authority when there's a mere civil violation of the federal immigration laws."

Now we learn conservatives would like to repeal the 14th Amendment.  Are the bigots coming out of the woodwork or what?

Well, tonight I plan to talk with one of the most straight shooting black Bloggers in the afrospear. RiPPa from the blog, Intersection Between Maddness and Reality, rippdemup.com, will join me tonight on BlogTalkRadio to talk about the whole immigration issue, and this attempt by conservatives to repeal the 14th Amendment and bring back slavery

Tonight we will talk about how illegal immigration is or can affect you personally. Here are just some of the so-called negative side affects of illegal immigration that we will debunk and/or talk about tonight:
  • easy conduit for terrorists entering the USA
  • massive escalation in crime
  • increases multiculturalism/segregation/divisiveness instead of the American melting pot
  • increases desire for Aztlan (reclaiming SW states for Mexico)
  • increasing number of traffic accidents
  • main contributor to surging US population
  • dramatic impact on society and infrastructure, including education
  • destruction of fragile ecosystems in American SW
  • main cause of emergency rooms and hospitals closing as well as service cut backs
  • introduction of third world diseases
  • increased welfare costs
  • massive costs to society – over and above contributions
Are these real issues? Or fake scare tactics of the conservative right?

Join us tonight as we have a rational conversation on immigration on my BlogTalkRadio Program, Political Slugfest show, at 10:00 PM, EST, "If you can handle the truth."

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