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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gulf Coast and the Day of Bogging for Justice

The Gulf Coast After Katrina…

By D. Yobachi Boswell at: blackperspective.net

…A Study In Disparities and Deferential Treatment

Even though tomorrow is the official Day of Bogging for Justice it really starts today.

I’ve already recently given you my perspective on the current condition after taking my first trip back to Biloxi and New Orleans since Katrina, earlier this summer: Katrina Nearly Two Years Later. So you can check that out for the layout of the situation, and I can get straight to other issues here.

Katrina has highlighted many disparities, both micro and macro; which are racial, social and economic.

On the micro level, prisoners where left to wallow in flood waters in prisons; even minors. Elderly in nursing homes, who were of no particular means, were left to drown. And those who couldn’t afford transportation and or lodging if they were to leave; were left to fend for themselves - and for the most part those same type of people still are. My personal visit to the Lower 9th Ward, as documented in Katrina Nearly Two Years Later makes me certain of that. Not to mention that renters are getting almost no help, with rental units being 3 times what they cost before the storm.

On a micro level, politics is being played with this recovery effort. Mississippians lost much as well as New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana; and certainly needed grave financial assistance form the federal recovery legislation. But shouldn’t the amounts distributed be relative to the damage received, or something there about? Read more at: blackperspective.net

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