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Monday, August 27, 2007

Interracial relationships debate - Had Enough?

I just finished reading a post from my blogging partner Angry Independent regarding Interracial Relationships and how it's still threatening to some. (I guess he thinks I'm threatened by interracial relationships)


Live and Let Die contains many elements of blaxploitation which have been reversed to accommodate its white protagonist. Blaxploitation often had its black characters sleep with white women. More Here

AAPP: UPDATE: Well, now the snowflakers, and those who need to be politically correct, are bringing out the snow flake attack dog, to make this blogger feel bad because - get this, a Gallup poll says black folks and white folks are loving each other more. These folks are going Blaxploitation 21st Century Internet Style!

These folks who are begging for acceptance for thier need to be snowflakers, and want me to "fall in line" and give a "politically correct" response. To be honest - I don't give a crap.

I say, let them stay in the Disney World of make believe.

Forget the gallup polls of middle-to-upper middle class black folk who say they are ok with the snowflakers loving each other, who give a rats a**?

I'm going with my sample of 1 - Me.

I don't conduct my life or feelings based on some white organizations gallup poll. Those who do are stupid.

For those who don't like my opinion on this issue - I say "Go read a Gallup Poll."

Soon I'll be asked to read Halima Sal-Anderson book, Everything you need to know about interracial relationships. Where she writes, "As a black woman, let's just say I consider dating a white guy. My big questions would be…"

  • Would it essentially change me as a black woman?
  • Can this kind of relationship really bring me satisfaction?
  • How will others interpret my actions?
  • How do I reconcile this with what I believe black womanhood is about?

Black women can grow up believing that their relationships should and can only be with black men. However, when they ponder the interracial dating issue, these are some of the questions they ask; questions to which they often do not find clear answers.

AAPP: Hello! Bingo! Maybe I will read the book!

I bet you most "old school black folks" don't need a gallup poll or Halima Sal-Anderson's book regarding the issue of black woman or men and dating of others.

As an example I had the opportunity to read an interview Maya Angelou who was asked:

What do you say to young black women who see black men dying in the streets, getting involved with drugs, going to jail? Sometimes they get discouraged and start looking towards other men of different races if they see their brothers going in the wrong direction.

Maya Angelou: Well, I would encourage you first to do all you can for your brothers, always. Because every black woman has a black father, black grandfather, probably some black brothers, black nephews, black uncles, and maybe some just good black friends and, if lucky, some black lovers. I would encourage you to have the courage to call a person aside and try to put your hand on him, someone whom you know, and say, "You know, I care about you, and I'm not the only one. You know, if we lose you, we may lose our hold on life." Speak to him. Speak to her. Do your best.

Now, there is this. It is very difficult to maintain a love affair, even if you live next-door to somebody and his parents and your parents know each other forever and went to the same church, and even went to the same school. It's very hard for adults to maintain respect and romance so that a love affair can be sustained over years. If you happen to fall in love with someone in another race, it's more difficult, because you have to translate yourself. I mean, you can't say, "Um-um-um!" because the person in the other race says, "Exactly what did you mean?" So there are things that make it a little more difficult. And of course, then, people in our race start to wonder, "Is she talking black and sleeping white?" and so forth. The only thing to remember is you must have the courage to love. Read full interview HERE

I agree with Maya Angelou! Why are some of our black bloggers " talkin' black" and eager to have our men and women sleep white. I just don't get it. But, hey, bloggers are just a mirror of American society, I guess this is just one social issue i just won't get. We are not a monolithic community, and we all heave the right to our own opinions. People sleep with whoever they want to and candidly, at this point in life in America, who cares....

AAPP: I'm really taking time off - Had enough of the interracial relationships debate? I have - So leave me alone with all of your maladjusted, I never fit in issues.

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My feeble attempt to discuss Interracial Relationsips

"Jungle Fever", or just a slight temperature?

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