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Friday, August 24, 2007

Taking time off


I'm taking some time off. I will return in three weeks. Enjoy the close out of summer. I know I will!

I will be back mid September.


PS, Don't forget:

Taking to the Streets for the people of New Orleans & The Gulf Coast

As the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, the situation in New Orleans remains dire:

  1. Some 250,000 people are yet displaced throughout the nation, unable to return because they have no homes, no jobs nor the financial means to rebuild.
  2. Two years later, 70 schools in Orleans Parish are still closed.
  3. There are no mental health services and no hospitals to serve the uninsured poor. The $1.175 billion in federally appropriated funds for the Katrina rebuild and relief effort are being held up by FEMA.

Enough is enough! Let’s stand up and take action. There must be a national outcry, a day of peaceful protest, prayer and possibility that the media cannot ignore; a day on which we call on our national decision makers to allocate adequate funding to create a regional Marshall Plan that restores New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.


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