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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Troops not coming home anytime soon

AAPP: I guess we always knew that George W. Bush would defy the wishes of American people and keep American troops on the ground until the end of his administration. In other words "let the Democrats handle the mess he made." Based on the past 8 Months I have my doubts about the Democrats who are now praising the surge progress.

Report: White House plans to propose gradual troop cuts in Iraq

F04e057d4b5b45129f1586fc739ee1b1pobThe New York Times and USA Today are reporting The White House plans to counter calls for a large-scale withdrawal from Iraq by proposing a gradual decrease in U.S. troop levels that would keep forces on the ground until the end of the Bush administration, according to a report in this morning's edition of The New York Times.

"The officials said the White House would portray its approach as a new strategy for Iraq, a message aimed primarily at the growing numbers of Congressional Republicans who have criticized President Bush’s handling of the war," the paper says. "Many Republicans have urged Mr. Bush to unveil a new strategy, and even to propose a gradual reduction of American troops to the levels before this year’s troop increase — about 130,000 — or even lower to head off Democratic-led efforts to force the withdrawal of all combat forces by early next year."

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