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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Geoege W.

AAPP Says: Bush is still urging Americans to stay the course in Iraq. The only thing is this guy is lying to the American people again, through his own revionist history. You see the pullout from Vietnam had very little negative impact for the United States and its allies.

The Boston Globe reports, after years of rejecting the comparison, President Bush surprised observers yesterday by invoking the "painful and complex" legacy of Vietnam as an example of why the US military must continue fighting in Iraq, declaring that America must not "abandon" Iraqis who are struggling to build a free society.

AAPP says: Bush's decision to finally compare Iraq to Vietnam shows that he is a "Bush come lately." The fact is even his own advisors told him before the war began that US involvement in Iraq would be like Vietnam, which lasted for more than a decade, was a historic political blunder and a huge military defeat for America. We got our ass kicked.

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