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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Black Hawk Down

Since the conflict began 63 helicopters have gone down, including 36 struck by enemy fire

No mode of transportation safe in Iraq

14 U.S. Troops Die in Helicopter Crash in Iraq

Mechanical failure suspected in crash of UH-60 Blackhawk in northern Iraq during a nighttime exercise; suicide bomber strikes police station.


WaPo reports A statement from the U.S. military said initial evidence indicates the UH-60 Blackhawk experienced mechanical failure and that it did not come under enemy fire. However, the cause of the crash is under investigation, the military said.

According to the military statement, two helicopters were conducting a night operation when one went down. The aircraft had been carrying four crewmembers and 10 passengers from Task Force Lightning, an American operation whose area of command includes the cities of Tikrit, Kirkuk, Samarra and Mosul.

Military travel in Iraq is often conducted on helicopters to avoid threats from roadside bombs.

Since the conflict began 63 helicopters have gone down, including 36 struck by enemy fire. Over January and February of this year seven military helicopters and one carrying private security contractors were taken down by insurgent fire, killing a total of 28 people. The incidents prompted the military to reevaluate flight plans and tactics used to prevent anti-aircraft fire. More

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