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Sunday, August 19, 2007

National Shame - Dunbar Village

“Nobody came for us,” the woman, 35, said in the interview with WPTV. “Nobody even called the police for us.”

Victim of the Dunbar Village gang rape. Describing her neighbors' response immediately following the attack. (SOURCE)

Source: What About our Daughters

I explained in Friday's post why I didn't post about Dunbar Village, how do you articulate the horror in words? Quite frankly it depressed the hell out of me. In another post about some foolishness in Georgia, we started addressing the gang rape in Dunbar Village of a woman by 10 African American teens who in addition to repeatedly raping the woman ( FOR OVER THREE HOURS) while beating her 12 year old son made them lie naked in the bath tub together and forced the woman to perform oral sex on her own child before burning her skin and blinding her son by pouring cleaning solution on their skin and eyes. More HERE

Now the question is, as The Free Slave has noted, why don’t we black men deal with this!

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