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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Black Hair - Weaves

Aron Ranen
Aron Ranen

Black Hair Care operated by Koreans

The Politics of Black Hair Products

eurweb.com has a great story and interview about The white guy who uncovered the Korean domination of the black hair industry.

AAPP says: Why do black women spend billions of dollars on hair care products and give their hard earned money over to Koreans so they can become millionaires? Living large in nice homes, spending money in their own communities, as our urban black communities die from violence. Most Korean shop owners give nothing back, except fake smile, saying thank you -sucker.

How did Koreans start operating hair and nail salons in black communities across America. Almost overnight? Why did we allow Koreans to rake over a business that was historically a business operated with the black community and mostly by black women.

How did all this happen? Who was asleep at the wheel? Is it not time to take our business back one neighborhood, one community at a time? Check out this video by Aron Ranen. Tell us what you think. Why is the Congressional Black Caucus not creating legislation that would provide seed money for black women to re-establish black hair care businesses? If Aron Ranen film is true, this is an robust economic opportunity lost by black folks and in the hands of others who basically rip the black community 24/7. Ok, Black woman reading this post, where did your weave come from? Ok black man reading this article, how much did you wife, lady, or significant other pay in the last month for hair care products?

Think About it! Then pass this post on to 5 other people.

Hat Tip: Aron Ranen and eurweb.comd

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