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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Fox and NBC go after YouTube!

Fox and NBC create Hulu.com to compete with YouTube

Fox and NBC, the American media companies, have given the first demonstration on their jointly owned online video service, which they hope will seize back the intitiative from YouTube's all-powerful site.

Lots of Flat Screen Tv's Showing pictures of aeroplanes

Hulu.com, which is still in private testing, will become a platform for distributing professionally produced content on the internet, including new and old television programs as well as some films - all free of charge.

The hope is that users will want to access the two companies' premium content - including 24 and The Simpsons from the Fox stable, and Heroes and The A-Team from NBC - and will be willing to watch adverts for the privilege of doing so.

Fox, which is owned by News Corporation, parent company of Times Online, and NBC, owned by General Electric, will distribute their content on the newly created site, as well on sites owned by five partners in the venture - Microsoft, AOL, MySpace and Comcast. More HERE

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