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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogging For Justice

There is something about the rape cases involving Megan Williams and the Dunbar Village Rapes that hit me in the Gut. Something that has made a grown ass black man cry.

Blogging For Justice
Afrospear members and Afrospear supporters are blogging to raise public awareness of the two rape cases involving black women.

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TorturevictimInHospitalYou know what I'm talking about the The Case of Ms. Megan Williams a black woman who was raped in West Virgina. Megan Williams thought she was going to a party. For more than a week, authorities say, the 20-year-old black woman was kept captive in a shed, tortured, beaten, forced to eat rat, dog and human feces, and raped by six white men and women who taunted her with racial slurs.

"They just kept saying 'This is what we do to niggers down here,'" Williams told The Associated Press in one of her most extensive interviews since the shocking case made national headlines last month.

Check out the Google Search Results on the Megan Williams as of today.

334,000 for Megan Williams Rape. (0.25 seconds)

Check out Google Search Results Micheal Vick Dog Fighting

1,370,000 for Michael Vick Dog Fighting. (0.25 seconds)

The other case involves a victims, a mother, son and family at Dunbar Village, a public housing community in which Four males — ages 14, 15, 16 and 18 — have been charged as adults in a 14-count indictment that could send all of them to prison for life. Defense attorneys have argued that the victims failed to identify the same suspects from photo lineups and that they identified fillers — people not involved in the case — as perpetrators. In some instances they identified different people as the same person.

Hoping to steal money and jewelry, Avion Lawson, 14, said he and someone else wore masks when they entered the 35-year-old woman's apartment that night, according to the documents. Once inside, Lawson said, he and his accomplice, whose name is blacked out on the report, encountered the woman in bed with three other masked males around her. Lawson told police he sexually assaulted her and stole two video games and a truck.

The victim returned home from her job delivering phone books about 9 p.m. the night of the attack, according to her statement to police. While fixing her son something to eat, a young male with braids knocked on her door to tell her the tires on her truck were flat. Once outside, she said, she saw a male with a large gun and two others armed with guns. They wore black clothing over their faces, she said, and ordered her back into the apartment, where they demanded money.

After being told there was no money, the attackers tore off the woman's clothes and raped her until five others arrived, according to the documents. The new arrivals took turns having sex with her and then sodomized her. The mother was then ordered into a tub filled with vinegar and water where they used hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, nail polish remover and ammonia on her. At gunpoint, the assailants forced the mother and son to have sex.

Throughout the attack, the victims suffered beatings, including having a bowl and light bulbs smashed over their heads. The encounter was recorded on a cell phone camera, according to the mother.

Before leaving, the males looked for a lighter to set the two on fire but couldn't find one, she told police. They ordered the pair to stay in the tub and took off. About 30 minutes later one of the males returned to sexually assault the mother one last time. Before leaving, he scribbled a man's name and 6-CO, a gang, on a piece of paper and told the woman he hangs out on Sixth Street and that's where he could be found.

He grabbed a Sony PlayStation 2 before fleeing. More HERE


Check out the Google Search Results on the Dunbar Village Rape as of today.

Results 1 - 10 of about 118,000 for Dunabar Village Rape

Check out Google Search Results Micheal Vick Dog Fighting

1,370,000 for Michael Vick Dog Fighting. (0.25 seconds)


As I said, there is something about these rapes, that hit me and so many of us in the gut. The pain I feel cannot be measured, the anger I feel is hard to contain. I'm going to write about it later today. Come back more about the victims, and read my gut feeling and gut reaction. But more than that I want to talk about how the Afrospear, black bloggers, West Virginians, Americans can help these young black women and thier families heal.

Come back later today or early evening.



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