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Monday, October 29, 2007

March planning for Megan Williams support gets ugly?

It seems to be getting ugly in West Virginia, Just to coordinate a march in support of a young sister who is raped! Is it really getting ugly. Is this just media hype? Or has local WV folk been set up to fight amongst each other, unlike the Jena March. The old divide and conquer strategy used in W.V. ?

UPDATE: After reviewing the tapes from the meeting it appears that the Black Ministerial Alliance, flanked by white ministers, have decided that they "We have it under control."

If they have "Racism under control" why did this young woman get raped like she did? Did they have it under control when the
20-year-old black woman was kept captive in a shed, tortured, beaten, forced to eat rat, dog and human feces, and raped by six white men and women who taunted her with racial slurs? If they have racism under control, they will be one of the first communities in America that has a black women raped and almost murdered one day , and have racism under control a 2 months later. These are negroes that are out of their minds...

No March for The Black Ministerial Alliance

WCHSTV is reporting Charleston's Black Ministerial Alliance announced Friday they will not take part in a march for Megan Williams on November 3rd. Many local community and religious leaders feel that they have been left out of the process by organizers.

Black Ministerial Alliance Reverand, L.A. Hill, says, " We've been there from the beginning . We were there before Mr. Shabazz came to the city. We've been there all along. Our thoughts are: We don't need anybody coming inform the outside to do that which is our responsibility, and that's why we're here. " More HERE

Now the West Virginia Media is calling folks extremist.

March Organizer Rallies for Local Support

Eyewitness News Photo

A controversial lawyer plans to go ahead with a march for torture victim Megan Williams despite
opposition from the Charleston Black Ministerial Alliance. Malik Shabazz...

Read Story-Watch Video

Meeting Disruption? Or pissed of community members?

Meeting For Megan Williams Disrupted

Eyewitness News Photo

What was supposed to be a peaceful meeting for Megan Williams turned ugly as extremists spoke out. The Black Ministerial Alliance has been catching a lot of heat since announcing...

Read Story-Watch Video

Why does this have to get so ugly? Or is it media hype?

UPDATE: Better yet, why do many modern day black ministers sell us out at every turn? Remember they called Martin Luther King and Malcolm X "extremists."

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