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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton's - Scorched-Earth Tactics

Her scorched-earth tactics are absolutely reprehensible.

At best, she doesn't seem to care whether her attacks on Obama now are recycled by the GOP in the fall if Sen. Obama is the Democrats' nominee, and at worst, she seems to be signaling her supporters to vote for McCain if she isn't.

Sen. Clinton's tactics have pretty much convinced me - my previous service in her husband's administration notwithstanding - that I can never vote for her, come hell, high water or John McCain!

- Steve Shender,

Steve Shender served in President Bill Clinton's administration from 1993-1995 as senior speechwriter for HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros. I am appalled by Sen. Hillary Clinton's repeated insinuations that presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain is better qualified to be commander in chief than Sen. Barack Obama. More HERE

AAPP: I guess Nancy Pelosi is right. The Dream Ticket is "Impossible."

Then again, was it ever possible?

Hat Tip: Blogger My Brown Eyed View

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