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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stupid bastard Pat Buchanan

I wish someone would tell that stupid bastard Pat Buchanan that this country was not built by white folks. Yes, get this, that ignorant idiot Pat Buchanan is at it again with his color aroused comments that: "This has been a country built, basically, by white folks."

I don't get how MSNBC, NBC and other news networks are allowing this guy the opportunity to get paid millions of dollars a year to say the bigoted, color aroused, hateful stuff.

The fact of the matter is that black folks built America and it's capitol. “Slaves were the largest labor pool when Congress in 1790 decided to create a new national capital along the Potomac surrounded by the two slave-owning states of Maryland and Virginia,” according to the June 1, 2005, Associated Press article “Capitol Slave Labor Studied” published in The Washington Times. Slaves were also involved in the Capitol building’s expansion over 50 years later.

Pat Buchanan and his bigoted buddies need to read "Who Built America?

It would be wise for the stupid bastard Pat Buchanan to read the following sections:

Part One: Colonization and Revolution, 1492-1815

1. A Meeting of Three Worlds: Europe, Africa, and American Colonization, 1492-1680
2. Servitude, Slavery, and the Growth of the Southern Colonies, 1620-1760
3. Family Labor and the Growth of the Northern Colonies, 1640-1760
4. Toward Revolution, 1750-1776
5. Revolution, Constitution, and the People, 1776-1815

Part Two: Free Labor and Slavery, 1790-1850

6. The Consolidation of Slavery in the South, 1790-1836
7. Northern Society and the Growth of Wage Labor, 1790-1837
8. Immigration, Urban Life, and Social Reform in the Free-Labor North, 1838-1860
9. The Spread of Slavery and the Crisis of Southern Society, 1836-1848

Part Three: War, Reconstruction, and Labor, 1848-1877

10. The Settlement of the West and the Conflict over Slave Labor, 1848-1860
11. The Civil War: America's Second Revolution, 1861-1865
12. Reconstructing the Nation, 1865-1877
13. New Frontiers: Westward Expansion and Industrial Growth, 1865-1877

He would learn as territories were settled by Europeans, the Territorial colonies needed workers to settle their newly acquired lands and to hold that land as part of their National acquisitions. More slaves were needed. Black slaves became highly prized commodities for plantations. Other slaves were strong and good as dock workers, great field hands, shipbuilders, helpers of tradesmen and servants. Eventually slaves made up half the population of the colonies. Bondage was legal and slaves were owned by their masters and were seen as nothing more than chattel.

He would also learn what the Portuguese started in 1562, grew in exponential proportions. Glass beads, whiskey, and guns were bartered for African slaves, in their own country.

He would also learn that there was great competition for cheap labor between countries and by 1672, slave trade was profitable. Charles II, of England, became the richest shipper to the Americas. In 1768 the English brought over 53,000 slaves a year. The French brought over 23,000. 100 million slaves were known to be taken and enslaved. The Black slaves that ran away and were taken in by First Nation’s people soon became part of the genealogy. The children of these slaves and First Nation’s people were called Semiroons. By 1865, America was in a quandary what to do with free slaves. But the East Coast colonizers offered bounties between tribes and this carried on to facilitate division and conquest and provided even more free labor. William Lauren wrote “ Black Indians,” if there is interest in learning more about this. More HERE

But, then again, this stupid bastard Pat Buchanan knows this. He get's paid millions by MSNBC to create color aroused hatred in America. It's time for black folks to let the advertisers of his MSNBC programs that enough is enough. What do you think?

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