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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why Black People Confuse Me... sometimes

My wife and I recently drove up to a 7/11 to get some coffee, I'm one of those cheap guys who does not buy coffee at StarBucks at $3.00 a cup. As we drove up a black kid was on his bile yelling at some other kids, saying nigger this and nigger that.

The kid kind of piss me off, and I commented to the youngster that he needed to chill out with all that negative talk. surprisingly he was respectful when I spoke, but the bottom line is the situation is not new in black communities across America. At this age in life I still ponder why so many black Americans call each other out of their name. I still wonder why some black folks refuse to demand more of ourselves and
those who would ask for our vote. I still wonder why? Do you know why? If so Let me know?

Candidly I'm so tired of hearing black kids use the "N WORD" on the streets of America.

How about you?

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