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Monday, June 9, 2008

John McCain - Stealing Black Music

John McCain, has been using Chuck Berry's hit "Johnny B. Goode" as an early campaign theme. I wonder if he was paying Chuck Berry for it's use?

I guess John McCain will have to shut it down, you see, Chuck Berry is supporting Barack Obama.

As reported by Fernanda Ezabella for Reuters - Republican candidate John McCain may have used his song in the U.S. presidential campaign, but veteran rock 'n' roller Chuck Berry has no doubt whom he wants to see in the White House next year. "America has finally come to this point where you can pick a man of color and that not be a drawback," the legendary 81-year-old guitarist said of Barack Obama, who clinched the Democratic presidential nomination last week and would become the country's first black president if he wins in November.

"It's no question, myself being a man of color ... I mean, you have to feel good about it," Berry, himself a black pioneer in the 1950s music scene, told Reuters by phone from New York ahead of a Brazil tour that starts next week. "Definitely a proud and successful moment for all the people of this country, not just black people, but Americans in general."

McCain, now preparing to take on Obama in the November presidential election, used Berry's hit "Johnny B. Goode" as an early campaign theme, although he has since switched to Abba's "Take a Chance On Me."

"Johnny B. Goode" turned 50 in January and topped the list of the 100 greatest guitar songs of all time that Rolling Stone magazine published this month.

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